• Axel

Young Man by Lumé

Technically an EP, sue me.

I happened upon a YouTube video drawn in a style that reminded me of Popeye meets cuphead. My interest was peaked, you could say. As the song began with a bass opening, piano playing along, I grew more and more curious.

Then it hit me, a voice that was unique and soothing. I liken it to Broklyn meets modern jazz singer. While lumé doesn't go crazy octave wise, his voice completes the song. The lyrics, as guessed, are words for a young man.

I really enjoyed this song/ep. I went looking for other works and found none, it appears that this is the first work of a upcoming artist. I found that another artist has a similar name and TIDAL merged Lumé with Lume. Shame.

If you are still reading this, STOP. Go to YouTube and find it! You'll be glad you did!

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