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Topping DX7s

Its a dac/amp, and I like it.

I knew that getting into high fidelity that I would need a good dac to pair with a amplifier. This DX7s from Topping is perfect, and I'll explain why.

The DX7s sports a few things I find essential. First, its balanced out to headphones and balanced output via 3-pin xlr. The device itself says its a dac, not a dac/amp. It has headphone out in 1/4 and balanced 4-pin xlr. In the back, it takes USB/coax/spdif/rca and outputs RCA/balanced/coax. It has a well loaded rear! Its awesome. The front contains a display with some features I'll get to soon. The build is clean, simple, and sports what you expect. I love that this takes a three pin power in and the power supply is internal.

For features, you can input select however you wish with three pushes of the volume knob. It displays the input, then the khz in (48khz for me). With two pushes, you can switch to headphone, dac out only, or both. The volume knob only works for the Headphone, no pre-amp here. You can also purchase a remote separately for faster and easier selection. I did not, as I wasn't going to switch the options around often. The display is simple, accurate, and easy to read in any light. Volume goes from -99.0 dB to -00.0db, from 50db to 0db is half steps.

But Axel, how does it sound? First, its a topping DAC. Topping makes good stuff, but they do it their way. The sound is clear, accurate, and wide. My 650's with their somewhat 4 foot bubble are a little wider, my Aiva's did not seem to change. The sound is clean and detailed as my headphones would allow. I love to watch movies with this DAC, the reproduction combined with my headphones was indescribable. Compared to my Q5s as a dac, the DX7s wipes the floor with it. I recently watched The Witcher series while using the DX7s while trading it with the Q5s, there is no comparison. The DX7s beats out a portable dac/amp, obviously. I do feel that the DX7s doesn't perform well as a AMP however, and that you will need a separate AMP for better performance. The higher the Ohmn on your headphone, the more you will notice this fact.

The DX7s retails on Amazon (at time of writing) for $499 or on Drop for $325. It comes with a power cable, USB cable, and manuals. Simple, elegant, and performs better than words can describe. I bought it for use as a DAC once I decide which amp I plan to purchase, and it performs better than I can imagine.

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