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The $150 round up. Beyer Vs. Senn Vs. Fostex

This has taken far longer than I wished. Prepare for alot of reading.

While I have written about all three in the last year, I feel that many people still feel that its hard to chose a headphone at the $150 price point. Negating IEMs and focusing on headphones, there are three that I would say are the best for your money. This review will focus on these headphones as of the time of writing.

DT770 vs T50rp vs 58x Jubilee.

First up, Build. Coming out ahead in this review is Fostex. Sennheiser uses a proprietary connection for these cans, you better hope the DT770 cable doesn't break because its attached, and Fostex comes with a removable easy to source cables. Fostex comes with two cables, 3.5 to 3.5 90 locking connection at both ends and 3.5 90 degree to 1/4. Sennheiser comes with a SIX FOOT long 3.5 connection with 1/4 adapter. Clearly not a "on the go" cable. DT770 is a attached 3.5 cable, coiled to heavy three feet. Fostex comes out swinging in the quality department as well, strong plastic cups, metal supported band, well placed cable placement, but really poor pads that are way too small. 58X comes with the new style Sennheier style, comfy pads but all plastic construction that feels lesser quality. The DT770 has a strong plastic cup, metal supported band, comfy pads, but the cable ruins the weight i feel. DT has my favorite pads, fostex has the best cable and construction. Sennheiser lost this round.

Comfort is all Beyer here. The Beyerdynamic comes with a comfortable velour pad that is perfectly round, well weighted, and clamps perfectly. The 58X has a tough clamp for me, I find that I need to loosen it a bit more than other headphones. Still the 58x pads are velour and comfy again, shaped to the average ear. The Fostex lost here, thin pads that desperately need replacement. Fostex hasn't gotten the hint though, the t60rp still have the same crap pads.

Sound, the point we are all hear for. Get it?

Out of all three, I give the win to Beyerdynamic. The sound of the Dt770 might be a bit sore for some listeners, but I don't see it. I love the V shaped sound of the DT770, strong bass and clear highs. These are my favorite all around sound at this price point. Check out the full review for more on them.

My second pick is the Fostex t50rp mk3. These cans have the best clarity in the highs out of the three. Its not overtly strong in the highs, but they are definitely bass cannons with the proper pads. You have to replace the pads to get the right sound out of them, thicc leather pads from dekoni or amazon knockoffs bring the bass where it should be and trap those highs much better. I love the t50rp for rock music. Check out the full review for more.

The Sennheiers have my favorite bass sound here for me. Its strong and accurate but not over present like the Fostex. The mids are where the 58x shine, the best highs out of the three. These are my pick for the mid range fans, or those who hate too much bass. Check out the full review for more ravings on these cans.

So, for $150, I would go with the Fostex if you can afford the extra $30 for a pad swap. Otherwise, the DT770 is the stock winner. The cable still gets me, I had to a detachable cable mod which I also did a review on. Be aware the cables are tiny and you may be better off soldering new cables.

TLDR: buy the DT770. Worth it.

(All headphones in the review were not provided by the companies. I purchased the t50rp and the DT770 myself, I borrowed the 58x from a friend. These companies do not know me, they did not sponsor me, and I wish they would.... Call me maybe?)

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