• Axel

Starting anew

C-C-C-Changes! Well, with a little less excitement.

If you have read my disclaimers, however groan worthy they actually are, you know that I purchase all items for my reviews. As of right now, I have been able to afford these with ease. While my job was stable for covid, it is also extremely taxing on myself and I have become burnt out. I will get another job and my little family is growing. We have decided to move pretty far away, which means a new job.

The point of the update is affording reviews. There is going to be a delay on reviews as I save up for new ones. I will also being selling my review headsets that I can't afford to keep. I am also going to be opening up a patreon for support, though I really don't expect much as my reviews are less than a year old. I would love the support, and it would really help the reviews keep coming.

If you would like to get some of these fantastic headphones, keep an eye on r/AXExchange on reddit. I will also be sending out some hot topics on the blog to keep articles coming.

Please help out by sending some ideas for tier rewards! I may have limited funds, but I will have more time to devote!

Here's the patreon: https://www.patreon.com/brokeaudiophile

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