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Sendy Audio Peacock

oooo, shiny!

I picked up the $1500 Peacock cans from Musicteck using my own money. It hurt my poor wallet! It seems that MusicTeck is one of the few places that Sendy sells out of for the USA.

The physical aspects are gorgeous. Gold colored backing covered with the black peacock like feather pattern really pops! The wood adds a extra layer of fancy. The leather wrapped metal headband is a nice touch, though personally I feel that the uncovered one from the Avia was just fine. The leather band that rests on your head is more comfy and great feeling as compared to the Avia. The cable is a four pin snap and slide attachment with a quad wrap copper wire braided. Its a nice looking cable. My Aiva 3.5mm adaptor matches the XLR and 1/4 adaptor that comes in the box with the Peacock. The cable is long, its definitely not meant for portable use. The cable terminates at a 4.4 balanced and as stated, the adapters that come with adapt it to XLR and 1/4. The case is a typical Sendy Butt case though I prefer the tan over black. Inside each ear cup is a L or R respectfully for each ear, the cable also has red and blue on the can end as well.

The build feels sturdy but heavy in the hand. After a few days of listening to the Peacock, I found the cans really didn't hurt my neck or move unless I intended it to. Headbangers seek other cans. The pads are very comfortable, the clamp is perfect IMO, and the headband is almost never felt.

Sound testing done in this configuration: PC Flac > DX7s > SMSL Sp200 > Sendy Peacock > me.

The sound is something interesting. The Avia had a fun soundstage and airiness to them. These did carry over with one small drawback. I find the peacock to have about a arms length soundstage, less than the Aiva. I find the imaging to be better, especially specially. I could tell you on a clock where surrounding noise is coming from with ease. My favorite is listening to orchestral (with lots of strings) playing around me. It is something surreal. Nighwish's Amaranth is my usual test of separation. The final chorus has chimes, bells, and vocals mixed over each other. The Peacock had no difficulty picking each one out and playing them at 7 o clock behind me and about a hand over my head. So clean!

The bass presence is definitely recessed. I found that a 2db boost to 10hz and 1db boost to 30hz made the bass come back to where I expected it. I find the sub bass to be missing but a pop rather than a roll. Listening to digital music, such as the Ghost in the Shell S.A.C. OST, the sub bass was too quiet to enjoy. Listening to classical or acoustic music didn't present the same as bass isn't overt in these types of music. I find that this is the first headphone I own where I wanted to boost the bass.

The mids are exactly how I like it. Vocals, especially when they sit just behind the lead sound (like behind the lead guitar in some rock music) sound just as perfect as a vocal forward song like most music. I loved listening to The Pretty Reckless with these cans, her voice just pops forward and sounds like no other headphone! It presents her voice forward, warm, but not shouty. The same can be said for Beck (male vocals). E-Pro and Loser both sounded amazing, almost like I was hearing his voice for the first time! It was such a different experience.

The highs are the easiest part for me to describe. Clean and clear as glass. The way the highs are presented make the Peacock feel airy and clear. The imaging really takes the highs experience and dials it to 10.

In conclusion, the sound on the Peacock is extremely enjoyable and warm. Even without the bass boost, the tone is one of warmth. I find the bass to be great when not listening to digital music or EDM type music. I find I enjoy these cans the most listening to a well recorded soundtrack, I like the Ghost in the Shell soundtrack and Destiny 2 soundtrack best for the Peacock. I felt the John Wick soundtrack needed some bass help.

(This review was not sponsered, requested, or supported by Sendy. They don't give me anything for this review. Musicteck also did not provide anything for this review. The photos provided were taken by myself! )

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