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POTUS: Ten Year Super Bonus Special Anniversary

While I am super late to the party, I have a page to fill. You'll see a bunch of my younger influences, no sorry.

The Presidents of the United States of America were some of my favorite tunes growing up. Little did I know then, all my listening came from one album. One hour and Twelve minutes later, I remember riding on Highway 1 in California in my dad's VW bus. It was about as pretty as a beaten banana, same colors too. I started up the album with "Kitty", a true classic. Something about the grunge distorted opening being broken by a MEOW just makes me laugh. Makes me feel good, right? Repetitive lyrics and scratchy vocals with strange accompaniments, nothing sounds better.

This is presented more when you switch over to "Back Porch", fast upbeat plucking followed by soft brushed drums. POTUS just beats the crap out of what you expect and makes you laugh and feel good. There is something to be said about the style and absolute craziness that must have been their writing period. Listening on my HD650's, I pick up some things I didn't the first time. Snapping and every single word sung in the background. Yes. This is the first time I am not listening to this album in a car... Oh, what I missed.

I hopped over to "Lump", the clear winner from this album. I say that, because Weird "Al" covered it. As most would agree, you're not popular until Weird "Al" covers one of your songs. From the scratchy vocals to the strangest description of a woman that I've ever heard, I can't help but start to dance. "Stranger" takes me out of the dancing mood and I settle down. Soft opening, somber singing, broken by cursing and heavy guitar. Fade to soft. The way the song is broken up, just as broken as the sweet lyrics. "Peaches" is yet another hit, nothing like a track full of euphemisms. Again, soft vocals broken up by punk vibes and heavy distortion.

"We Are Not Going to Make It" is more of the same style. This song is the pure essential punk song of the album. Fast, punchy lyrics, with a "live" feel? I let the track play out while writing, just in love with it. "Naked and Famous" is up next, should I not play this on shuffle? Now I wonder what a 30 foot Smurf looks like...

In short, if you have ever heard any 90's punk/alt band *cough* Nirvana, You'll love this album. It has a uniquely 90's vibe that just takes you back. From "Boll Weevil" to "F**k California" you will slowly fall in love with the style of this band quickly. It's too bad they aren't still around.

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