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Love and Fear by Marina

Marina is a new artist to me, and I'm glad that I found her work. Love and Fear is separated into two albums respectively.

Love has tracks like "To Be Human" "End of the Earth" and "Handmade Heaven". These tracks speak of, well, love. Handmade Heaven talks about things Marina envies, birds. The freedom and life of a bird is talked about, and how she wishes she could be a bird and "blue birds fly together, fly forever". "To Be Human" is the masterpiece of this album. It's a song about culture, people struggling, and past mistakes. This is a song about hate, and how it is sad to see it. A song about bringing people together for love, not pain. "All the things I've done and I've seen, Still I don't know what it means/To Be Human."

Fear is mostly about what people fear, not specifically Marina. "Emotional Machine" is about loving someone when you don't have emotions, while your partner is emotionally askew. "My perception is skewed 'cause I know what you went through." says it all. The person is "Out of emotion for you." "Karma" is the masterpiece of this album. It's a song about people pushing their luck and watching them fall. The entire song I feel is the best track in both albums. It has the same feel as her earlier albums without the feeling of "teenager". Love + Fear is a dual album that sounds like Marina branching out from typical pop hits into her own style. I love these albums and can't wait to see where she goes from here!

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