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Lack of content: My obsession with sound.

With the recent issue of being able to receive headphones, I figured I'd let you in a little on my life.

I am from the lovely state of Wisconsin, in the northern Midwest of the United States of America. I became obsessed with music at a young age, funny enough thanks to Kellogg. I got a CD in a box of cereal, featuring "Message in a Bottle" by The Police and "Summer of '69" by Bryan Adams. I begged my mom to play that CD every day, sometimes stealing her CD player all day long. She eventually gave me her Sony "boombox" and took me out to buy my first CDs. I got "Big Willie Style" by Will Smith, "Astro Lounge" by Smash Mouth, and then I raided their CD collection. I took every Green Day album and The Police Live 2 CD special.

I ran all of those CDs into the ground, "Nimrod" eventually broke and I started listening to Cassette Deck tapes. I still remember rewinding "A Night at the Races" to the exact point from Wayne's World, only the second half of the song (I didn't realize it was half the song till I was 12).

I started getting into radios around 10 years ago. I graduated from high school and I upgraded my car's sound system and got into cheap car stereos. I bought a used one that came with a "scanner", turns out the original owner had mod-ed the antenna to accept amateur radio antenna and listened to 144mhz Band. A few years later, I bought a scanner from Radio Shack and thus began my journey. I got my Tech license in August 2019, and I plan on continuing. If you see me mention ham radios on Twitter, that's why.

Last year was a big change for me. I decided its time to stop buying the cheapest headphones from Walmart and Best Buy and invest in my ears. I bought the HD650s, and I stopped being satisfied by cheap sound. I since have bought dozens of headphones and found my favorite cans and will continue to search for my "Endgame" system.

If you would like to know more, leave a comment down below and I'll answer questions! I like to be an open book, when my privacy isn't threatened of course.

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