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Koss KPH30i

Being from Wisconsin, I feel I have to post my first review about a company from Wisconsin. Not sorry.

I first heard about these headphones like I do most of my equipment, Zeos Pantera. Go check him out. I was appalled that a $30 headphone could be "god tier", this is because of Campfire Audio undoubtedly. But, I bought them next day and had them here in three. So, here goes.

These bare bones and plastic headphones are my go to headphones now. While I dislike my T3 iems because they go INTO my body, these beat them at half the cost. If you don't mind having an on the ear headphone that is just as uncomfortable as IEMS, these are your go to.

Use case? Anywhere that is indoors. I tried using these on a bus, plane, and in a car. The car was fine, the bus sucked but worked, the plane was the worse. I should have expected it coming from a open back headphone. In your own home with minimal noise, these are easy to push and can be LOUD as hell. Don't turn on high gain and boost the volume, my Fiio Q5s was too much power.

Speaking of DAC/AMPs, this thing scales so well! I want to write this like a fan girl, like totally ruin the pace of this post, and like, write like this!!!! But I won't, anymore. This $30 headphone scales like chicken, you can fry/bake/grill/broil/boil/microwave chicken and each one gets you chicken. But depending on how you use it, it gets better. A amp with these headphones takes chicken and fries it perfectly. When plugged directly into my iPhone, its like I microwaved the chicken. Its nothing special, but it still tastes good... sounds good. But putting these on to the Q5s on low gain, was a brand new experience, an amazing experience. I turned on "Jenny" by Nothing More and was floored. I thought I had my HD650's on, but I didn't. I dropped a zero from the price tag and got just as good a sound. Don't get me started on "What Would You Say" from Dave Mathew's Band.

These headphones come in three main colors: Grey Librarian (yes, I quote Zeos here), White and Blue icee, and classic tan vomit. I say it like this, because its ugly. Everything about this headphone says "I'm ugly" and "I like to buy cheap" but they sound like $300 headphones packaged in $5 headphones! But they are $30! I can only imagine that Koss took the savings from the look and put it into the sound, and comfort. I forgot about the comfort right? They are tight at the ears, stiff pads, and have a silicone comfort strap. The comfort strap is actually comfortable, and that's about it. I eagerly await Yaxi Pads for my headphones, $12 pads. That's right, to make the pads comfy I spent nearly half the cost of the headphones. I think they will be worth it, we'll see.

Final words? YES! I don't care if you have Stax or Campfire Andromedas, these are worth adding to your collection. If you can't handle another plastic thing in your ear, put these over them its worth it.

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