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Jlabs Studio Wireless on-ear headphones

Looking for a emergency headphone? This one is what you want.

It's the quarantine. I need headphones that are comfortable, bluetooth (with good battery life), and sound decent. I will be using them for a mix of music, meetings, and phone calls. I have $30 and only wal-mart is open, what do I get? These.

The Jlabs Studio Wireless is strictly wireless, no 3.5 or USB functions here. I have them being sourced as such: PC > DX7s> 5.0 Aptx capable Bluetooth RX > Headphones. That being said, my sender is only accepting SBC connection to these headphones, no LDAC or APTX here. It has a volume + and - as most headphones do, plus a power button. Standard hold + for next track and - hold for last is present. What is clever here, is no app needed for EQ settings. Hold the + and - together for eq settings, completely without a phone or app. For the purpose of testing, I have not touched the out-of-the-box settings. I have used these for a week and the battery life of 30+ hours feels about right, I've gotten at least 20 hours straight out of these cans.

For starters, the "cloud foam" ear pads are comfortable. These aren't "thicc sheepskin beast" ear pads, they are soft AF and for being an on-ear, comfortable. JLabs took care to make them comfortable, tuned well, and functional. I got the grey and blue edition, and it's a pretty little set of cans. In a twist, they put locking but fold-able cups on it too! The cans lock strongly into the listening position and fold easily too. I do feel like the plastic on plastic would wear away after a few months/years but I've had these for a week and their great. The length adjust from metal bands separate from the folding mechanism and feels sturdy enough for daily use.

The sound, how do they sound Axel? Good. The "C3 signature sound" sounds good for $50 so I'm glad to get these at $30. They are mid/mid-high focused with a nice bass power. These cans shake at the opening of "Bang!" by AJR, literally feels like they shake hard! But with the strong bass, these do not over pronounce the bass but simply roll off well without distorting the highs. I would say the bass is the weakest part of these headphones, its not as good a reproduction as other areas of the sound. The highs are accurate, clear but at this price point are as clean as they can be. Definitely cleaner than some other headphones at this price range, but not as clean as the KPH30i. Speaking of Koss, the Jlabs actually have a strong mid range! If you have read my DEVA review, you know I'm a mid range guy. These have a good amount of mid range and its forward of the bass and slightly more forward than the highs. But with that, not one aspect of the headphone overpowers the highs. Listening to "Signed and Sealed in Blood" album by Dropkick Murphys is a dream, I can hear everything in the song clearly. The bass "pop" is a bit distorted, but its not to the point where I would return these cans.

So, If I only had $30 to my name and I needed a set of headphones from Wal-mart, these are the ones to go with. I bought these with the ONN Wireless on-ears and these are twice the price and much much better.

My only complaint: put a 3.5mm port on it please. Wireless for on the road, 3.5mm for when I'm at home.

(Disclaimer: I bought these headphones. JLabs had no impact on the writing of this article, did not give me anything, nor asked me to review these. The photo is taken from Google Images as I do not have a camera worthy of Thor's hammer. Heh....)

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