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Hart Audio Cables

I did not expect this, but I'm glad I got them.

I recently purchased the Interconnect cable pack plus cables for my Aiva's and my HD650's. The only reason I considered a cable upgrade was Hart Audio's interconnect system. I thought it interesting and dropped $150 into it, and probably at a bad time...

They arrived, packaged well and in once piece. The interconnect collection came in a box with foam, nice touch. The cables came packaged individually in bags. The cables? Pure hard work. The nice read fabric coating the cables is a nice touch, the plastic connect at the Y is nice too! You can choose to have a nice plastic piece at the Y or heat shrink, both look nice. The system works by using Mini 4-pin XLR on the end of the headphone cable to connect to what ever plug you want. I can take my Aiva dual 2.5 mono to mini XLR and connect it to a Mini XLR to 4 pin balanced output. Or I can connect it to 4.4 mm balanced. Or 1/4. You get it? I can now use my HD650's with any device I have a interconnect for and as a balanced headphone! I can plug it ito my audio receiver's 1/4 or my DX7s's XLR balanced! Its a nice cable for a time where every headphone manufacturer has their own idea of what standard to use. Hell, my Q5s 4.4mm was exclusive to my Aiva's, now I can use my 650's on it! They even make IEM cables!

The cables don't change the sound at all, worry not.

Why am I reviewing a cable? Their RMA response. Its awesome. My Aiva cable died in the left ear and the balanced interconnect was broken in the right line. I sent them an email, they responded on the next business day, and shipped it out in a few days! They also sent me a free return label to send the broken cables back! I'm glad they have their ship running smooth, especially with the recent uptick in business.

(Disclaimer: as usual, I paid for the item in this review and was not paid for it. Photo was taken from Hart Audio's website.)

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