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Fostex T50rp Mark 3

(These headphones were purchased by me with my own money. Fostex has not provided anything for this review and has no idea who I am, sadly. Images taken from google images and I do not own it)

I chose the T50rp from Fostex to be apart of the $150 showdown. I knew that most people gravitate towards these, the DT770/880/990, and the 58x for this price range. Now I see why the T50rp are in it. These are great headphones, with one big flaw.

First, coming from the 770 to these, IT HAS A DETACHABLE CABLE. Take note Beyerdynamic. Not only is it detachable, two cables come in the box! One is portable length 3.5mm and orange, one is Desk length (long AF) 1/4" in black. Both are your standard thoroughfare, rubber that really hates giving up its bends from shipping. It comes with two really thin and almost pointless pads. I have cables thicker than these pads, the 1/4" jack is thicker for Pete's sake. This is the big flaw.

The build is sturdy, plastic housing with metal adjustment bars supporting a plastic headband with likely fake leather and minimal plush to hide cables. The right cup, much like the DT770 pro, is connected through a cable going through the headband. While I mod-ed my Dt770, I will not touch my t50rps. Let me tell you why.

I start the sound like I do with most headphones, (Nothing but) Flowers by Talking Heads. Everything sounds perfect, even the echo bass intro with the bongos and the guitar into. It blew me away, how are these this good! 210mW on my Q5s didn't seem like enough for these headphones, they really wanted it on high gain and at 1 o clock on volume. But it sounds amazing! 640 mW on my Dx7s did wonders. I normally have my hd650's on -35 db volume, these are currently sitting just below my listening level at -29 db! They like power!

The highs are detailed and perfect. The highs here sound amazing, so amazing I feel that they beat out my Aiva's. The mid range is not recessed, its there in its glory as expected. Vocals of all flavors sound clear and perfect. The lows are a little more present than I normally like, I'm a tight and popping type guy. But here, its not over done or under represented. The bass is good, tight but a longer roll off than I prefer. Still, with all these combined, these are my current favorite in the $150 range. One more headphone to go before the face-off!

Now, like the 770's, mods are needed. I knew that fostex headphones really need some thick pads to get the perfect experience. I still spend two weeks listening to these without the new pads. I got some generic fake leather pads for $30 off amazon, angled rear designed and guaranteed to fit these, and they do wonders. Stock pads suffer from little sound stage, these pads add a little bass and actual perceivable sound stage! Get some thick boi pads and pop em on for a good time! Its worth every penny you put into the pads.

Final thoughts? I wish I hadn't spend my first $300 on 650's and gotten these instead. I am not kidding, my first thought after 30 minutes of listening. Also, these are semi-open. Still not public transit ready, but will playing music I can't head the fan behind me. Its kinda nice, actually.

(These headphones were puchased by me with my own money. Fostex has not provided anything for this review and has no idea who I am, sadly. Images taken from google images and I do not own it)

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