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Films About Ghosts: The Best of the Counting Crows

This is an album from 2004, one that I grew up hearing for so long. Counting Crows is known for a number of hits, "Mr. Jones" and "Accidentally In Love" being the two that come to mind. However, I feel that this album shows just how well Adam Duritz writes. And by now, you should understand that I enjoy deep and well written lyrics. This album holds two songs that I think represent how good a band Counting Crows really is.

"'Round Here" is a song about growth and learning how to be a person in a crazy world, my opinion anyway. The song talks similes between yourself and whats around you. Lines like "I walk in the air, through the rain, through myself and back again." likening understand the world and himself and ending with "Where? I don't know." to add that he has no idea. Not knowing himself, he meets Maria, a girl lost and misunderstood who doesn't know who she is either. Mr. Duritz talks about how he can't leave Maria and Maria struggles with being strong. "She looks up at the building, says she's thinking of jumping. Says she's tired of life, she must be tired of something." Such powerful words, painting a picture of a broken person and a person in love with it. Is he in love with her, or her view of life?

The flip side of this coin is "Hainginaround" a song about . " Well, I got all this time to be waiting on what is mine; to be hating what I am, after the light has faded." Probably the only polarizing line in the whole song about "hanging around this town on the corner, I've been hanging around this old town for way way way too long". I felt that the whole song was about a post party hangover for so long, until I really listened. A man stuck in a town for too long, with a chain that keeps him from leaving. Its uplifting tone with its lyrics of struggles and getting sober hit hard.

Counting Crows is a band I'm not overly into, I wouldn't call myself a fan of their work. But every song in the album struck a chord with me in some way. From well written lyrics to amazing accompaniment from the band mesh every song into a composition of wonder and delight. If you have a love for rock and haven't heard this album, get on it!

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