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Fender FXA6: For casual listening?

I saw these on sale, $150 for $400 IEMs. So I tried them out so you don't have to.

The package is very nice, I loved the aesthetic of showing off the buds. I navigated the packaging and finally got to everything. A cheap ish cable, nice sturdy IEMs, flimsy ear tips, and a nice case. I think the case was a better size than the moondrop starfields and just as high a quality. The cable is stiff, good length, and near the ear is bendable to your ear. The buds I bought were red, most complaints about this product on the reviews said it was too big for ears. I found the comfort to be decent when talking about the bud size. The tips are crap, I used them for this review and even tried them with the moondrop tips and spin fits. It was nice to ship them with two tips of each size (s/m/l).

The sound is where these IEMs fell flat. First, the FXA6 Pro uses a Hybrid Dynamic Balanced Array. In theory it sounds great. What it sounds like is a Dynamic Driver seated before a Balanced armature similar to that of the Tin T3. My big issue here is the driver flex causing issues. I don't know if I got a defective unit as it sounds like there is also a membrane coloring and distorting the sound between the driver and the ear.

The bass is equivalent to that of a closed back headphone, forward of the mids and colors the entire sound of the IEM. The mid bass is muddled and rolls rather than pops. The mids are overshadowed by bass and are recessed to the point of being muddled. The highs are clean when listening to acoustic tracks or tracks with little bass. Rock music sounds muddled all the way across the sound. I am unsure if this is due to a defective unit or the intended sound.

In short, these are not for casual listening. I can see these as stage monitors, but I cant see these being used in a studio or for casual listening. I wanted to give these a fair chance, even did a 100 hr burn in at medium volume with no success.

(Fender did not pay for any portion of this review. The headphones were purchased with my own money. The images comes from the amazon listing that I used to purchase this IEM with.)

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