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Chronologic by Caravan Palace

I started off with Caravan Palace like many of you, "Lone Digger". Once I heard that song, I was all in on Caravan Palace. Chronologic is their newest release (2019).

I open with "Miracle", and I am transported to a land far away. Soft bells, smooth beat, everything you would expect from a fusion artist. EDM booms with synthetic piano in the background, finger snaps, and the amazing female vocalist create a amazing sound that is oh so pleasant. The pop from the bass with the the strange guitar tone just works so well, I admit that I almost danced. Almost. I turn over to "About You" Featuring Charles X, amazing big wind band tones please me. I'm a big sucker for jazz from the likes of Charlie Parker and Miles Davis, this sounds ripped right out of that time period. Charles X chimes in with soft chorus work and bridge vocals, accompanying the track very well. The female lead with Charles X just works, playing off each other and the rough-around-the-edges synthetic beat. Its poppin'! This track has "gone up in fire", the good kind. "Moonshine" starts with some fast, soft guitar work that creates a nice flow. From the first two tracks, this one keeps with the pace and flow very well. It breaks down everything I think of when I hear Caravan Palace, smooth well written music inspired by jazz and EDM perfectly.

Chronologic can not be summed up easily. I love Caravan Palace because of the way they fuse EDM and Jazz so well. From using sound clips to wind instrument accompaniments, I love their style. Coming off of the success of of their 2015 release, I feel that they hit the nail right on the head. I would recommend "Fargo", "Miracle", and "About You" (Feat. Charles X) as a first listen, and the whole album to anyone looking to pick up something new.

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