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Bose 700 Noise Cancelling Headphones

I've never disliked a $400 pair of headphones more.

I purchased these yesterday for retail price, $400. I wanted the silver color, as I only own black headphones thus far. I wish I hadn't made the purchase. Before I get into my complaints, lets get through the physical device.

The headphones have two ports, USB C and 2.5 mm. Both cables come with the headphones, 2.5mm to 3.5mm and USB-C charging. Three buttons, one on the left cup for noise cancelling and two on the right. The top button on the right is for Bluetooth and power, the bottom for your smart assistant. You can chose between Siri, Alexa, and google. This only works if you install the app or have an iPhone for Siri. The Bose Music app must be installed, no ifs ands or butts. If you do not install it, the headphones will not pair with any device. Everything is controlled through the Bose Music app.

These headphones support SBC and AAC codex for Bluetooth, no Apt X here. They support Bose AR, whatever that is. I couldn't find a app or service that I use that supported it. No 360 or masters here for you TIDAL fans.

I listened to the headphones right out of the box, and again after a 5 hour burn in of straight classical on max volume not on my head. I have the same complaint before and after the burn in. If you want clarity, don't look here. These are incredibly over bass-ed. I felt something was off in these cans when I put them on. (Nothing but) Flowers bongos just didn't sound right, claps and finger snaps sounded off too. I took them off, put them in the other room and let them burn in with Mozart. I put them back on today, listened to my favorites on my normal volume to not find an improvement. I don't know how they crammed so much bass into these headphones. I switched over to my Sendy Aiva's for comparison, and it is a night/day comparison. Clean, clear mids and highs VS. Bass overpowering everything. For $400 USD I expect highs to be clean and clear, not clean and overshadowed. I tested the bass, oh I did. The bass is amazing, not a pop but a sustain with a roll off. If I had to put one word to these headphones, it'd be DARK. These are dark, bass boss headphones. I have never owned a Bose headphone before this point, but this might be the headphone that I return for a refund.

These are beautiful looking headphones, the functions work when your phone is actually connected, the app is not bad if not too simple. The ANC is out of this world, better than the Sony TWS XM3 buds. My only complaint with the Sony buds is the app, I actually prefer the Sony app over the Bose app. The Bose app is 1/3 of the screen with 2/3 being a picture of the headphones (in the right color too). My only other complaint is the musical accompaniment when the headphones turn on or shut down. They sound perfect, but everything else is over presented with bass. I don't get it...

If you want all the bass, ANC, and are afraid of treble; These are your headphones. If you are like me looking for mid range godliness with treble angels, look somewhere else. I still prefer my Fostex T50rp headphones over these (if we are talking of under $500), AND THEY COST A FRACTION OF THE PRICE!!!

(I purchased these headphones, Bose had no part in this review. The images in this article are from google images and I do not own them.)

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