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BeyerdynamicXDrop 177x Go

I have spent the better part of the last two weeks trying to find the words, I don't think I have the right words even now.

These headphones come from DROP.com almost exclusively, big markup on amazon or ebay. I got them for $450, these do retail for $500.

The headphones come in a pretty standard box, standard DETACHABLE (thank you for that) cable that its natively balanced 4 pin. It terminates to a 3.5mm that screws in with a included adapter. It comes with two sets of pads, for the purpose of the review I kept the pads that came on it. These are the velour pads, and they are comfy.

These headphones have been on my head being fed as such: PC > DX7s>SP200> 177x Go.

The construction of the cans is strong, matte metal with a shiny logo connected to the headband by more metal. When I pay $450, I expect this much metal. The headband is the least comfortable part, easily fixed by loosening the headband. The pads are comfy enough for daily use and for me last all day.

I used these headphones with all kinds of media. TV Shows in 5.1 DTX and music in both stereo and 5.1 and here is my opinion.

The SOUND, essentially why your here. I do have to say I listen to these headphones with my SP200 at 6 o clock, barely any power. I had to turn down my computer's volume so I could give them a little more power. My BTR3 runs these easily, the Q5S are perfectly built for these.

The bass is wicked strong. Beyerdynamic does a great job of making bass strong in a closed back headphone, with my DT 770 I dampened it a bit as the bass was sustained and this isn't a issue here. The bass sounds controlled, accurate, and staccato (quick and bright). The soundtrack for TV shows is awesome! The bass colors the sad and darkens the mood as sound should. Voices are a little bassy, meaning there is good bass extension.

The cans are V shaped, but the mids are nice. I wouldn't put them as strong as the DEVA headphones, which are ^ shaped, but these are clear and good mids. I would say the mids are recessed a few dB but sound just as good as the bass. The mids are good sounding, clear, and great for music. Music is probably what was intended for these headphones, but in TV shows you notice that every voice has a bit more bass. Listening to EDM and pop music is my favorite part of these headphones. Listening to "Blinding Lights" by The Weeknd is two fold. The intro has strong bass and really shows how good the bass is. The first verse shows you how clear the vocals are and the background vocals surround you strongly. The sounds in the mid range that you hear around you are incredible, someone dropping a hammer behind you sounds exactly like it should! I'll save that for the soundstage section. My point is the mids on all three areas (low mid, true mid, and high mids) are fantastic if a little recessed.

The treble I feel is the best part about these headphones. Listening to the strings on "Symphony No. 5 in C minor" by Ludwig Van Beethoven has a strong allure to the treble response. Due note I have heard this performed live and am comparing the memory to the digital version. The strings high notes, the flute, the darn trumpets all sound like they are in the room with me. I feel like I should compair the highs from the 177x with the ESP/95x. They sound so much like planar its crazy. The Tesla driver plays the treble so lifelike, any treble fan would love them. The biggest complaint about the highs in a Beyer headphone is sharpness and pain, I don't get that here. But note that I did not get that with the 770's either. The treble is crystal clear, clean, and I have fallen in love with its presentation.

The sound stage is fantastic. It is a bit narrow, but it is clear to tell where each sound is coming from. Using DTX for the reproduction, TV Shows have a better stage than the 770's. I can hear beeps and papers moving behind me watching Stargate SG-1. I can hear the gate activate in front of me, the characters rustling next to me, and people shooting behind me. I could even point to a direction if I needed to. I would say it creates a 5 foot field of sound, which in a closed back is amazing! It definitely wow'd me right away. The mid sounds in the soundstage are the strongest part of the cans. Papers rustling, beeping, doors opening and closing, it makes me wonder what FPS games would sound like, but that's not my area of expertise. The separation is where these headphones need a little work. In the final chorus of "Amaranth" by Nightwish, I can't pick out the string instruments from the background choir. This means that similar sounds mastered to be on top of each other have a hard time separating, not uncommon from Dynamic Driver headphones. Honestly, I feel it presents the song much better than my HD650's which makes these worth the price.

So, are they good? Yes, worth the price definitely. I feel they are so good, they are my new daily driver headphones. Granted, at this price they are not leaving a home or hotel room. The ease of driving these headphones means I can plug them into anything with a headphone jack, even a cellphone. I don't believe these are actually 32 ohm headphones, they feel more like 16 ohm.

SO good, these are my dailies. Have fun!

(Disclaimer: I bought these headphones with personal funds from DROP.com. Drop did not give them to me, nor do they know I made a review. The photo is taken from Drop.com as well, I do not own anything but these headphones.)

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