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A review of time

Every headphone grows on you, given time and upgrades?

I have always felt that headphones grow on you. Whether this means it gets used to the point you love it, you modify it to love it, or its just simply better than you first thought. I have two cases to make here, lets get started.

My first big complaint about the DT 770 pro 250 ohm by Beyerdynamic was the non-detachable cable. Non replaceable cable. I tend to get cables that are long snagged on every little thing and break them. So my soldering skills aren't too bad... Since the first review, I have made two modifications to the headphones. First is a balanced detachable cable. I connected fresh cables to the right cup to the connector, and the right cup solder cleaned up and redone to the connector. The cable is wired to be balanced per Hart Audio Cable's layout. This makes it easy to be used with any connector I have!

The second part of the upgrade was dampening. Using some craft felt and trial and error, I placed light amounts of felt to dampen some of the bass. While it has taken some time to get it right, I did find some good guides. A little double sided tape holding the felt in the groves of the cups works well. It tunes the bass to be less uncontrolled and more.... pop less drag if that makes sense. Tightening up the bass greatly increased my likeness for these cans. The balanced performance was also a great surprise. Its likely just me, but I feel it images a little bit better.

The other headphone is my esp/95x. I ordered Dekoni's pads for them to see if it was worth it. It is, the short of it. The elite fenstrated sheepskin earpads (mouthful much?) pads are comfortable, much more so than the stock pads. They also removed some of the crunch sound when I move my head. The sound half of it is the best part. They really help with the the sound stage, they bring home the feeling of where the sounds actually are. I feel this is done because the pads push the cans further from your ears, and the fenstradted holes help let the sound out. These pads really pushed my perception of "pad swapping" to the point I may do more swaps with my t50rp's.

The long and short of this article is, take leaps. I was worried for a while about taking them myself, but I have found nothing but happiness taking these steps. There are plenty of guides online on mods for all kinds of headphones, check them out!

This is my first photo I have posted that I took myself, yay....

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